Fun Social Activities for Older Adults


As they reach their golden years, the elderly need some sort of mental or social activity more than ever. Socialization not only keeps them company but also sharpens their minds, reducing the risks of cognitive decline.

This is why with our private care in Maryland, residents enjoy a range of activities at Royal Assisted Living, Inc. Each activity targets a particular cognitive, emotional, or social aspect of their health.

  • Board Games and Puzzles
    Brain games have been found to delay the symptoms or even lessen the risk of dementia. They also improve memory and boost mood.
  • Reading
    Some studies suggest that older adults are more likely to read for pleasure than their younger counterparts. Book clubs, as part of assisted living home services, also allow residents to brainstorm a particular book and share their personal takes on the story, leading to more social engagements.
  • Exercise Sessions
    Physical activities are mostly encouraged regardless of age. For older adults, simple exercises may do, such as walking by groups, chair stands, Tai Chi, stretches, dancing, or yoga.
  • Movie Nights
    Some people love nostalgia, and to make the mood lighter for seniors, a classic comedic movie will surely paint smiles.
  • Pet Therapy
    Bonding with pets has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and eliminate anxiety. So, many assisted living facilities add furry friends to their homes to keep those who are not allergic to pets in a good mood.

Want your senior to enjoy the golden years? Enlist them in our assisted living in Odenton, Maryland.

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