A Guide Between Choosing Assisted Living or Home Care


We all want what’s best for our elderly loved ones. When choosing between caring for them at home or moving them into an assisted living facility, there are many factors to consider.

In this article, we will share the three critical things to consider when deciding between getting in-home care services and assisted living home services:

  • Understand the main difference between the two.

    In-home care is senior assistance at home. One-on-one care may cost extra, and your elder may need house modifications.

    In assisted living, multiple staff members look after the seniors, so they may mingle. It may be less expensive depending on the care needed.

  • Determine how much assistance you require,

    Evaluate how much help your senior needs and compare it to what’s available. Be honest about your family, friends, and neighbors’ support. Long-term support is needed – a few weeks or months won’t do.

  • Know your financial situation,

    Assisted living and in-home care prices vary by person, region, and family aid necessary. It would be best to plan for the future and avoid unexpected cases by canvassing around your options first and comparing which one will give you more benefits in the long run.

The wisest decision for (or with) your aging loved one can be made if you have all the information. At Royal Assisted Living, Inc., a provider of assisted living in Odenton, Maryland, we aim to provide high-quality care and support to our senior community, improving their quality of life and helping them regain confidence and independence.

The quality of our private care in Maryland will help your seniors continue to live more comfortably and safer. Get in touch with us anytime if you have more questions.

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