How Visual Cues Guide Seniors with Memory Issues


Visual cues are used to help seniors with memory issues identify certain objects or places. This is a method used to identify specific activities and how to perform them. Aside from our caring staff, our assisted living in Odenton, Maryland, makes sure to have visual cues around to guide our seniors carefully.

So, why should you look into visual cues? Let our private care in Maryland share these benefits with you:

  • Takes advantage of familiarity
    Allowing our senior residents to do certain things by themselves every day helps instill familiarization as time passes. For example, we let them open and close doors or turn the TV on and off by themselves.
  • Creates distinctiveness and accessibility
    Ensuring things are noticeable and interesting helps to make them distinctive. Our assisted living home services value the tidiness of our residents’ rooms so they can find their way better.
  • Improves legibility
    Seniors with memory issues may find it hard to follow written instructions alone. Thus, our caring professionals do their best to work with your loved ones and find the best ways to share their points across.
  • Prioritizes comfort and safety
    Dementia patients value comfort and safety more than anything. As such, we make it a point to take their comfort and safety, one step further by making their environment feel safe and welcoming.

These visual cues above help us throughout our lives, whether we realize it or not. Utilizing these cues can increase your loved one’s quality of life and ability to function more independently.

At Royal Assisted Living, Inc., we provide comfortable, caring, and dedicated care for seniors with or without memory issues. To learn more about our assisted care, get in touch with our team anytime.

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